Young Generation should avoid negative propaganda against army

In a recent interview with a foreign news channel, former chief of army staff Qamar Javed Bajwa points out there’s a lot of negative propaganda against army, young generation should need to avoid it.

General Bajwa, who will retire on November 29, said in an interview with Gulf News: The Pakistani army is ready to sacrifice our lives for our country, but without the support of our people, especially the large, dynamic and hard working Pakistani youth who make up about 60% of the total population. can’t succeed. ”

Army’s role in politics is unconstitutional, says General Bajwa

“The Pakistani Armed Forces have the strength and support of the Pakistani people, and this support sustains our willingness to confront threats to Pakistan’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and internal security,” he said.

Young Generation should avoid supporting negative propaganda against army

My message to the younger generation of Pakistan’s future is to invest time and energy in education and skill development. Honest work and selfless dedication are the foundations of a progressive society,” he added. Young people must also be protected from divisive propaganda and information warfare designed to polarize our societies and undermine mutual trust. Pakistan must always come first – before any other identifier.” He later wrote, “Despite the criticism and over-accusation of the military through massive propaganda and carefully crafted false narratives, the institutional resolve to remain apolitical remains unshakeable. We are confident that political isolation will benefit Pakistan in the long run by promoting political stability and strengthening ties between the military and the people.”

General Bajwa said, “The Pakistani military has always been a dominant player in the country’s decision-making. Due to its historical role in the country’s politics, the military has been harshly criticized by both the public and politicians. rice field.

“By deciding to make the military ‘apolitical’, we limited the role of the military to its constitutional mandates. , which has led to personal criticism, helps to revitalize and strengthen democratic culture and assists state institutions to function effectively and achieve results. Above all, this decision will help improve the military’s reputation in the long run,” he said.

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