Former Army Chief points political situation in Pakistan

Former Army chief Gen. Qamar Javed Bajwa points out that the current political situation in Pakistan will be beneficial for the nation in the future.

“The politics of this army remains unwavering, despite criticism and over-defamation of the military through massive propaganda and carefully crafted false narratives.” I am confident that social isolation will bode well for Pakistan in the long run by promoting political stability and strengthening ties between the military and its people,” he said in an exclusive interview with Gulf News.

General Bajwa’s statement comes as the military reiterates in recent months that it has chosen to remain apolitical. Comments from senior military officials emerged amid allegations that the military interfered in the country’s politics and often supported particular political parties. In his final public appearance, General Bajwa cited the military’s “unconstitutional” interference in politics over the past 70 years as the reason why the military has faced public criticism.

“Therefore, last February, after much deliberation, the military decided not to interfere in politics.

General Bajwa elaborated on the issue in an interview with Gulf News, saying the Pakistani military has always played a dominant role in the nation’s decision-making. .

“Due to its historic role in the country’s politics, the military has been heavily criticized by both the public and politicians. Only by doing so has the role of the military been limited to its constitutional duties. Although this decision has been viewed negatively by some sections of society and has led to private criticism, it has promoted the revitalization and strengthening of democratic culture, and has allowed state institutions to function effectively and achieve results.

General Bajwa continued, saying that, in his opinion, the army would He said that seeing him involved in political issues tends to undermine public support and affinity for the military.

“So I thought it prudent to protect the Pakistani military from Pakistan’s capricious politics. has remained elusive. Despite enormous economic potential and a large population, constant conflict and instability make the region one of the least integrated regions in the world. The past – most recently in the 20-year war on terror.

“Thus, Pakistan’s western borders have become very unstable as a result of the conflict in Afghanistan. After the withdrawal of the United States, the country has experienced less violence and some stability. The situation remains precarious.”

He also spoke of the “precarious position” in which Pakistan finds itself amid the “constantly escalating global power struggle” between the United States and China. also said.

As Islamabad now needs to balance its relationship with Washington and Beijing, “Pakistan must steer cautiously in this increasingly competitive strategic environment and be drawn into future iterations of the Cold War.” I’m trying not to,” he said.

In this connection, he also said that Iran’s “unique geopolitical orientation” has caused concern in the international community.

“However, Pakistan has always desired peaceful and friendly relations with its Muslim neighbors and has sought to maintain positive cooperation.”

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