Pakistan and Russia Oil and Gas deal is expected

Pakistan will try to agree with Russia to make a deal for the oil and gas deal/trade between the two countries.

Earlier, German Finance Minister Ishak Dahl said the delegation would try to negotiate a possible oil deal with Moscow.

“We must pray that the visit will be successful and that the government will secure a deal on favorable terms.” It’s been a hot topic for months. This is especially painful for developing countries like Pakistan, which rely heavily on oil imports to meet their energy needs.

Delegation visits Russia for oil talks, Dar

According to the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), Pakistan has sold her $7.547 billion worth of petroleum products in the first four months of this financial year. Imported.

Earlier, at a November 13 meeting in Dubai, Dal said Islamabad intended to sign an import agreement with Moscow on similar terms as New Delhi. He said the US was told that Pakistan could buy oil from Russia because India is doing the same.

Last month, an oil sector official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the Business Recorder that even with discounted prices on crude and refined products from Russia, the estimated He said it would only save $1 billion a year. Oil refiners have long-term contracts with oil companies in the Middle East.

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