Can Nasa help Neymar to recover from injury?

Neymar has revealed on social media that he is being treated with compression shoes after suffering a right ankle injury. The Marca newspaper reports that the device uses his NASA technology to accelerate healing.

“Boots combines three different massage techniques to activate blood circulation.

It also stimulates venous return, reduces swelling, relieves pain, reduces muscle fatigue, removes accumulated lactic acid, and spasms.”

Neymar posted on his Instagram:
“The pride and love I feel wearing this shirt is indescribable. If God gave me a chance to choose the country I was born in, it would be Brazil.There was nothing free or easy in my life.I always had to pursue my dreams and goals. I had to. Don’t wish anyone evil, but help those in need.

“Today was one of the toughest moments of my career…and I got hurt again at the World Cup.

“Have you waited so long for the enemy to beat me like this? I am a child of God and my faith is infinite.”

Neymar will miss Monday’s clash with Switzerland after suffering a ligament injury in his right ankle in Thursday’s 2-0 win over Serbia. do. He remained hopeful of recovery, but team doctors have yet to reveal a timeline for his return. . “It shows how desperate he is to be with us again. I hope you will come back with me.”

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