Grand dialogue on polls proposed – The News Pakistan

Senator Samina Mumtaz Zehri has said that as far as new elections are concerned in Pakistan, for the sake of the integrity and the interest of the country, all the stakeholders should hold a grand dialogue.

In a statement issued here on Friday, she said that the country’s stability lies in the supremacy of the Constitution as Pakistan cannot afford any political chaos and unrest. She observed that the national and provincial assemblies’ elections should be held at the same time.

The government and the opposition should sit together and make better decisions for the country, she said.

Senator Zehri added that the solution to the current problems was only in dialogue. All problems can be resolved by sitting on the negotiation table.

The elected members of the government and the opposition should sit at a table and solve the country’s problems through negotiations, she maintained, adding that the elections for national and provincial assemblies should be held at the same time, as the country’s economic situation cannot afford separate polls.

The recent crisis is not political or economic in nature it has turned into a state crisis, which is a very dangerous situation for the country and the country cannot afford this situation any longer.

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